Jude's Request

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Jude's Request

Postby SpikeBit on Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:41 pm

*** This Quest is modified to Enable players to do the quest without finishing the previous parts. This is a temporary addition. Will be removed once the full quest series is ready ***

Jude's request :

This is the quest to get Dynasty/Icaurs Weapon recipes and weapon parts.
Talk to Jude in the Caravan Encampment Region and start the quest. He asks u to hunt 'Greater Evil' and 'Lesser Evil' in the Anomic Foundry region and retrive 'Evil Weapon' from them.
Make ure way Across hellbound Island and Pass Through the Gates of Steel Citidel Outpost

Recipes [Random] : 200 Evil Weapon
Key Mats [3 Random Parts] : 5 Evil Weapons

Players have to talk to jude, make their way across the hellbound island, Pass through the iron castle and meet Npc Kanaf. Choose "Go to City". Players with quest will be ported to the Anomic Foundry.
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