1. Staff Members
-Staff members are ingame marked with orange name and title
-Respect all staff members.
-Do not impersonate staff members.
-Any threats made to a Staff Member are forbidden.


2. 3rd party software
-You are not allowed to use any clicking/automatic/bot program other then retail client.


3. Game accounts
-Take care when setting password. If you get your account stolen it's your fault.
-Using someone else's account without permission is forbidden.
-Use antivirus software to protect your computer vs hacking programs/keyloggers.
-selling accounts/ingame items/favours for real life currency is strongly prohibited


4. Bugs/Exploits
-Any kind of exploits (overbuffing, item exploits, enchant exploits....) are forbidden and must be reported to a Staff Member right away
-Do not speak to others about exploit/bug but report it to staff member right away.
-Report any bug to forum on bug section.


5. Gameplay
-It is forbidden to mass PK/PK in low level areas with a high level character
-Griefing is forbidden (buffing mobs, healing mobs,...)
-It is forbidden to start a shop near a NPC, especially Gate Keepers and Warehouse Managers such as Taurin in Giran
-Scamming is allowed. If you don't want to lose items then don't trade or drop them.


6. Language
-It is forbidden to use bad words, in any form in character names, clan names or titles
-It is forbidden to use bad words (swear), in any form (abbreviated, symbols, full text)
-Trade/hero chat is english only


7. Events
-It is forbidden to afk at automated pvp events


-Punishment for breaking the rules changes from time to time and from staff members to staff members.

We reserve the right to take away your position any time without previous warning in case we rate your actions
are hurting the community rather than helping it.

We reserve the right to change these rules without prior notice so please check this section from time to time.
Not knowing a rule is not an excuse.

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