Welcome to tehgamers gaming network!
We are glad to have a chance to show you what we are working on. We host 3 servers with different setups at the moment, so you will be able to enjoy whatever you like the most. We keep our servers stable, enjoyable and safe from corruption. Lots of people keep enjoying here, so we hope you will join our world of entertainment. :D

    In development
Bartz Down
Bartz Down!!!
Ok Bartz will be down for now bec. i see no reason to run a 3 player server.

More performance for Sieg and Kain then.

If more then 20 player wants Bartz back i can reopen it.

Best Regards =Benadro= , =Kensi=

New Update to Epilogue Coming Soon!!
Greetings players,

You all probaly wondering whats this is about now let me tell you.

Currently we are at Gracia Final. Sinds then we have been making fixes and updates towards the latest version Gracia Epiloque.


What is new?

- All Epic bosses are working with the exception of the Seeds grandbosses
- Multiple new events: Hide and seek, improved TVT, CTF
- Instances: Darkcloud mansion, Crystal Caverns, Path to Hellbound
- Epiloque quests and skills
- Transformation skills work 100%
- Custom farm area's (80+)
- Crafting enabled for low rate server

What will come in the future?
- New custom server weapons. (special editions of the s84 weapons)
- New custom armor. (special editions of the s84 weapons)
- Custom event only for this server
- Special event: Seige of the Akuma
- Seed instances Gracia area
- Fully working Hellbound with grandboss Beleth and Raidboss The Dark Prince / Tully
- KOH improved.
- CTF improved

I hope this will make you excited enough.
On a side note: You will keep all items and characters you have so no worry about a wipe!


DanteChaos - Developer

*This post is subject to change at any time. hence updates

10-03-2010 Servers will be down for a couple of hours
The servers will be down for a couple of hours in order for us to make the upgrade from Gracia Final to epiloque.
Yes you seen it right, we are going towards Epiloque. All the cool stuff that comes with it aswell!.

In the meantime take this time to upgrade your clients to the latest version of epiloque.
And aswell join us on IRC.

This post will be updated as soon as the servers are back online and stable.

UPDATE 16:30: Seighart is back online and stable. Kain will take a little longer.
UPDATE 11-02: Kain is up aswell.

No go enjoy epiloque!

ps: Something cool is going to happen soon aswell.

Server New Upgrades
New Updates on Both Servers

Server Maintain on some Major Errors 13.04.2010 11:45

Item publish protection.
Fix for blocking party invite
Allowing new protocol 152 to connect
fishing fix, luminous lure fix
Fort siege bugfixes
Fixed Fort sieges reset after each siege
Territory War System Added ---> Next TerritoryWarTime: Sat Apr 17 20:00:00 CEST 2010
Fixed Fighters Will bug. ( old error from DeCo)
Fixed Sword, Blunt, Dual Weapon Mastery stats ( also old error from DeCo)

Skills reuse rework
Also added augmentation skills fix (equip delay replaced with reuse delay)
Start CP regeneration after PhoenixBless reviving.
Suspicious merchants are walkers

Server New Upgrades
Server was down for Maintaince 15.04.2010 New Updates are

Fort Siege fixes ( Reputations Score Fix )
Fix for Castle Chamberlain manor.
Support for general magic resist
Event effects rework.
territory war condition for clan lvl 11
MailSystem sending post update - disallow sending in jail
Patk Pdef multiplier for Raid Bosses Kains Raidbosses are 2x harder sieghardt stays as it is
Laborer Hat Included
skills for the new April Fool's Day event items
Soul Strike mp Consume fix.
Fix for Item Skills to solve a issue with incorrect reuse time in Mana Potion
Fix for Valakas
Few skills updates

Server was down for Maintaince
Server was down for Maintaince 15.04.2010 New Updates are

New Updates
Updatet "Frost Armor" to retail
Fixing Aura Bolt enchant

SomeCore and Database Updates for a Better Game Performence

Server Maintaince
Server is Back Online New Updates get Postet Soon

i will keep you uptodate.

Best regards Benandro

    Latest news
Reopening From Tehgamers
This Server is a 1:1 Copy of the Closed Tehgamers, We have all your Accounts and Characters etc.. Transfered to this Server so Enjoy

So here are Some Info's
These Server was made by DeCo and his Team,
I made a Copy of This Server i know some ppl didnt liked that.

to Clean some Rumors
We dont Shutdown Bartz Kain or Sieghart

This Servers will Stay Online with all your Characters and Items.

We dont Open a Server Called Phoenix.

This Website will be redesigned as Soon as Possible.

I Hope to see many Ex Tehgamers Players again on our Servers.

In the last weeks this Server had some Problems with IP Changes URL Changes and so on.

I will keep you Uptodate

Best Regards

Recruting Staff
Since we are only 2 Active Admins,we looking for some help

What we need is

a Developer who knows well about L2JFree Scripting Events and fixing Bugs
a Webdesigner who could make our Home a bit more interesing
a Webmaster who care about our Forum
a Gamemaster who care about our players

pls PM me with some info about your skills

Best Regards

Ive startet to make some fixes on our Actual servers, many of you prolly saw,
we have a new Server Online in list called Lithar this is our Testserver.

Some new features are our Buffer L2-Thegames Buffer

where you can make your Buff Shemes like before, the biggest change of this Buffers between our old one is that i can Change Listet buffs buff prices and some other stuff on the fly ingame.
for you it looks maybe new but it can do the same things :)
He will see if you have summoned a Pet and you will see this Little Pet: On button on Top where you can Choose if you buff the Pet now or yourself.

Next new feature is the new TvT Event on a new Location and with Domination Addon.
Players will have a Kill Counter over their Names and can see how many Kills everybody made.
a Player who make 5 Kills without dieing will get a new Title God-Like til the end of the Event.
Teamkillers get - stats and debuffs like root and chancel ...

This is our new Team vs Team Arena

Aswell some new is that Frintezza Quest works now and can be Raided
The CTF event stays as it is and the KoTh Event will be removed.

Working on the Event Join Script like the old Tehgamers had and on the PVP Arena.

Best Regards i hope you Enjoy.

NEW UPDATER 19.02.2010

Bartz Sieghartd AND Kain Online with all your Accounts and Items like you had on Tehgamers.

After some Updates we had a little Account Creation Problem.

Now you can use Create Account again.

PUT THIS IN HOST l2testauthd.lineage2.com l2authd.lineage2.com

and if this still not work use our UPDATER!



Recruting Staff
Since we are only 3 Active Admins,we looking for some help

What we need is

a Developer who knows well about L2JFree Scripting Events and fixing Bugs
a Webdesigner who could make our Home a bit more interesing
a Webmaster who care about our Forum

pls PM me with some info about your skills

Best Regards

Forum has been cleaned up
As some of you may have noticed, the forums got a nice cleaning.
The reason behind this is that the old has to go and new has to come. Meaning a cleaner forum with new topics attracts more people than topics that reside from last year.

Also to make the forum more compact some language forums have been deleted due to lack of interest in them.


DanteChaos - Developer

*This post is subject to change acording to the status of the cleaning.

NEW UPDATER 10.03.2010
Because we have upgraded the servers to epiloque you have to update your clients.

Please use the following steps in order to be able to play on the new versions of our servers.

Download client: http://www.gamershell.com/download_44070.shtml or http://computergames.ro/en/downloads/vi ... lient.html.

2. Install client.

3. Please make sure u have clean updated client(else download it from mirrors).

4. Download our Updater here: http://files.chaosdesignz.com/ben/updater.zip and extract both Files ( Lineage2.exe and updater.ini it to your Lineage2 Folder and make a Full Check

4.a also you can Download our Hosts here: http://files.chaosdesignz.com/ben/hosts.zip File and extract it to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

AND(if your current l2 client don't work)

4.b Download our System folder here: http://files.chaosdesignz.com/ben/system.zip and extract it to your lineage 2 directory

5. Create a game account at our website in Account section and login ingame.

If you follow these steps you should be able to play on our servers.

Server Maintaince 27\03\2010
Server Kain is Down for Weekly Maintaince

Server Updates
Sieghardt got all new Upgrades aswell now
Kain got allready Upgraded to the newes Epilogue Version

New Features
- PvP Arena
- Fisherman of the Day
- Craftman of the Day
- CTF new adds for Dualbox and AFK Protection
- TVT new adds for Dualbox and AFK Protection
- Special Counter " Bang Points" for Active Members

- PvP Arena -

As old TehGamer Players now the PVP Arena is a Place where Players PvP for Ranking
the one who is the best in Ranking after 30 minutes gets 300 Medals

- Fisherman of the Day -

Its almost like PvP Arena with a Ranking list where those who catched the most Fishes
in the Last half Day get listet and Rewarded.
Catching a Fish gets Countet as + and loosing a Fish gets Negative stats.

- Craftman of the Day -

Also a Ranking Game where players who Craft the most Items get Listed and Rewarded.
Failing a Craft give also Negative stats in the Ranking.
so be Carefull with your Items ;)

- CTF New Upgrade -

The old Known CTF event got some Problems since just ppl join and sit AFK arround.
thats why i changed the Event for a bit more Action.
So Everyone who done kill other players dont get Rewarded.
You can only hold the Flag 120 sec. and then it gets Removed to its old Place.
If you Die you port to a Team Base Position far Away from Battlefield where you can get buffed and after 10 sec you get Portet into the Game. so Inactive Players will not have Buffs in CTF and wont make a Kill.
the Clue is that Inactive CTF Players dont get Rewards.

I Hope you enjoy.

- TvT New Upgrade -

I added a new Addon that allowes up to 4 Teams to Fight each other.
also i added a Dualbox Protection. for same Reason as on CTF.

- Special Counter Bang Points -

As you Might has Seen Ingame we have a Bang Point Counter.
What is it for you asking for Sure.

First it is for Active Players, you can not Farm this Points.
We have a Ticker on Server running in Background checking Activity of Players and Send them Bang Points.
So that means if you are Online on our Server you get 100 Points all 30 minutes.
BUT if you play and kill Monsters Players doing events making Quests etc. you get 200 Points per Tick.
with this Points you can buy very Special Items like "Name Color Change" in the "GM Bang Shop"
at this moment there are not many Items in the Bang Shop but i will add very many Items very Soon ;)

Enjoy our Server

Dante is Working on a Voting System where you get Items send per Mail ingame instandly to your Character
Stay Tuned

Kain Resetup
Done i Hope Everything works well now, Enjoy

Server Back Online !!

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