1. Download client: mirror1, mirror2 .

2. Install client.

3. Please make sure u have clean updated client(else download it from mirrors).

4. Download our Updater and extract both Files ( Lineage2.exe and updater.ini it to your Lineage2 Folder and make a Full Check

4.a also you can Download our Hosts File and extract it to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

AND(if your current l2 client don't work)

4.b Download our System folder and extract it to your lineage 2 directory

5. Create a game account at our website in Account section and login ingame.

We dont take responsibility for any actions you take following this guide.


If u experience any problem with connecting check "Techical support" section on forum.

Newcomers are welcome to read some Guides


1. Go to our forum.

2. Click on register link in top right corner of forum.


Download any irc client and connect to:


channel: #l2-thegame


Or u can join irc via web based client here.


Download newest TeamSpeak 3 client and connect to:

Host Adress: Port 9987

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